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Government and UN signed UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework 2023-2027

20 July 2022

Krivokapić and Lundberg signed the Cooperation Framework 2023-2027, setting the foundation of cooperation between Government and UN in the next five years.

Podgorica, 20 July 2022

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro Ranko Krivokapić and the UN Resident Coordinator Peter Lundberg signed today the United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework UNSDCF 2023-2027, to pave the way for UN-Montenegro collaboration in the next five years.

Minister Krivokapić said that the next five years are crucial for Montenegro's cooperation with the UN and the EU, and that it would be useful to turn two parallel roads into a single path, which will end in 2027 with membership in the European Union.

Montenegrin Foreign Minister pointed out that the main benefit of all engagements of Montenegro with the United Nations, as well as with Euro-Atlantic partners, is full understanding.

“We feel like a country that has full understanding on its path to European integration, dignified membership in the UN, as well as belonging to the Euro-Atlantic community,” - said Krivokapić, emphasizing that this understanding is no less important than the multiple assistance we receive in areas that modernize our society, adding that the number of countries and agencies that support Montenegro is beyond any expectation.

Emphasizing that social inclusion is the way how small communities function and exist, Krivokapić said that they survive on solidarity and connection, which is not only economic and social, but also has an emotional note that gives the full feeling of living in one society.

Speaking about the parallel process of European integration, he said that there is no more time to delay, and that every wind is good for a ship that knows where it is going, while there is no good wind for a ship that does not know where it is going.

“Our path is the EU, but that path cannot be limitless, that path must have its own time frames set for Montenegro, through constant reforms that are achievable in the next five-year period, but also shorter than that,” said Krivokapić.

The UN Resident Coordinator in Montenegro Peter Lundberg said that the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework, jointly adopted today, represents the foundations of cooperation between Montenegro and the United Nations in the next five years.

“This common vision of development, based on jointly identified development priorities, will help accelerate our journey towards the Agenda 2030, but also the EU accession of Montenegro," said Lundberg, emphasizing that one of major drivers of the process will be the Montenegro Acceleration Fund, a new generation of pooled funds to help solve development challenges.

Before signing the UNSDCF, the Government and UN team held the Joint Country Steering Committee meeting, to review implementation of the Integrated UN Programme (UNDAF) 2017-2022, including joint results in 2021 and plans for 2022.

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