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Strong consensus on key priorities of future cooperation

29 March 2022

Full support for Montenegro's European path in line with the common goals of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda.

Caption: Meeting of the President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović (right) with the UN Resident Coordinator (left)
Photo: © President of Montenegro


The President of Montenegro, Milo Đukanović, met with the Resident Coordinator of the UN System in the country, Peter Lundberg, to discuss cooperation between Montenegro and the UN, as well as current internal and regional issues.

The President expressed satisfaction and gratitude to Mr. Lundberg for initiating the meeting, expressing hope that the cooperation with institutions in Montenegro is going well in times of emergency, both externally and internally. He reiterated Montenegro's absolute commitment to the UN values and the UN Charter, as well as the country’s strong commitment to multilateralism, as confirmed during recent meetings with the UN Secretary-General Guterres and Under-Secretary Di Carlo. The President emphasized that Montenegro is very keen on cooperation with the UN Office and agencies in the country, emphasizing that we are in a very important period of defining the 5-year framework for cooperation for the period 2023-2027, which requires competencies and functional institutions in Montenegro capable to responsibly and efficiently respond to the needs of further cooperation. In the spirit of that commitment, the President expressed hope for a soon election of a new government, so that system is in place for strengthening cooperation with the UN.

The UN Resident Coordinator in Montenegro was very pleased with the meeting, expressing high appreciation for Montenegro's active involvement in the human rights system and its role in the Human Rights Council. Lundberg stressed full readiness of the UN system to support Montenegro in the process of fulfilling its obligations in this area, which is also important for the European integration process which is largely compatible with the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. 

Expressing gratitude for continuous partnership, Mr Lundberg informed the President about the development of the next strategic plan for cooperation, which builds upon excellent cooperation between Montenegro and the UN system in the previous 5-year cycle which mobilized funds worth $ 70 million to support sustainable development. Lundberg stressed that the priorities of the 5-year framework of cooperation include strengthening social cohesion, overcoming divisions, and combating hate speech underlining that, with the UN's impartial role, an important partnership can be achieved, especially with the groups such as youth and women.

Reaffirming his commitment to human rights as a priority in cooperation with the UN and satisfaction with the renewed country's membership in the Human Rights Council, the President agreed with the envisaged priorities of the future framework of cooperation, emphasizing that social cohesion is a very important task of responsible state policy. While noting that certain progress has been achieved in that area, he emphasized that there is room for progress, but also expressed concern over the brutal offensive of nationalist political narratives for which do not aim toward emancipation and Europeanization. Regretting that we are going through such phases, he expressed optimism in continuing the strategic direction of movement through the adoption of the European value system.

UN Resident Coordinator thanked the President for the detailed and open analysis of the current situation in the region and Europe, and expressed full support for Montenegro's European path in line with the common goals of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda.


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