International Yoga Day 2019

At the heart of Agenda 2030 is Good Health and Well-being (SDG3).


Let me warmly welcome you to celebration of the fifth International Yoga Day.  

In partnership with Indian Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs I am pleased the United Nations hosts this event at UN Eco House for the third year in a row.

We live in a world of growing tensions and uncertainties which can leave scars on our mental and physical heath.  At the heart of Agenda 2030 – the global framework for brighter future agreed by all member states to the UN  – is Good Health and Well-being,  Sustainable Development Goal 3.

This evening we have an opportunity to experience the benefits yoga can bring in physical and mental health, by enjoying some practice in these beautiful surroundings beside the River Moraca.

I would also like to take a moment this evening to remember a wonderful friend to the United Nations, Mr Ljubisa Pejovic one of the co-founders of this great tradition to celebrate Yoga Day in Montenegro. As senior protocol officer within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs it was his job to liaise with the Diplomatic Corp.  He was not only a real ambassador for the culture, beauty and environment of Montenegro but also a true advocate for its sustainable development.   UN staff and others will remember him elegantly riding his bike across the bridges of Podgorica and as a strong supporter of the initiative to commemorate International Yoga Day in our UN Eco House garden it is with pleasure that I call on us all to remember him today.

Thank you.

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