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Abuse of LGBTI rights and dignity is unacceptable

20 September 2019

  • All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Abuse and humiliation of LGBTI people for political gains is unacceptable.
Caption: Seventh LGBT Pride in Podgorica, Montenegro

The UN Resident Coordinator in Montenegro Fiona McCluney congratulated organisers and participants in the 7th Pride Parade march.

She stressed the courage of LGBT and Intersex people in standing up for their rights often in challenging circumstances. ”Being homosexual, bisexual, transgender or intersex often means facing many obstacles in a daily life, from being bullied at school, being discriminated against or physically and mentally abused,” McCluney underlined and reminded that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, as per the Article 1 of the Human Rights Declaration.

“Many were shocked to learn about the recent beating of a transgender person on the doorstep of their own home in Kolašin. Such an act is intolerable, and I would like to commend the efficient response of the state against the perpetrators in this case,“ said McCluney and extended support to the Government in their efforts to ensure LGBTI rights are respected.

In addition, the UN Resident Coordinator expressed deep concern over the recent use of homophobic language between political parties as an insult and personal slur, as well as the lack of consensus in the Montenegrin Parliament on the basic rights of LGBTI people.

“We regret that the Law on same sex marriages has not been passed in the Parliament and hope that this will be reconsidered. Moreover, abuse and humiliation of LGBTI people in the discourse between political parties in recent months is unacceptable. Such behaviour encourages new waves of homophobia and hate speech."

Fiona McCluney, UN Resident Coordinator in Montenegro

“That is why, we the United Nations, stand firm behind the slogan of this year’s LGBTI Pride – Not on our account! (Ne preko naših leđa)” McCluney underlined.

Montenegro decriminalized same-sex activity more than 40 years ago and has since adopted strong legal and other measures banning discrimination, hate speech and hate-motivated crimes based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Despite these efforts, LGBT and Intersex people continue to face acts of harassment, intimidation and violence in their everyday lives.

“As long as people face exclusion, rejection, discrimination and violence based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, or sex characteristics, we all must redouble our efforts to end these violations. The United Nations team in Montenegro stands firm with LGBTI people in demand for dignity, equal rights and fair treatment,” Ms. McCluney concluded. 


Montenegrin version: Zloupotreba prava i dostojanstva LBGTI osoba je neprihvatljiva


Abuse of LGBTI rights and dignity is unacceptable

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